Subscription Increase

Extracts from annual reports about increasing the subscription.

Annual report 1946:

The Library

During the year your Committee has given special attention to the development of the Library. It has long been evident that the subscriptions rate [of one guinea] per annum was not sufficient to meet the increased cost of books and magazines, the universal rise in salaries, and, in fact, or all commodities. When the Library was first established in 1839 the rate was [one pound] per annum. It was raised to [one guinea] per annum in 1876; and has remained at that figure ever since. Our founders provided the Institution with an invaluable birthright - the magnificent property we enjoy - and on this has been developed the Athenaeum of to-day.

Annual report 1950:

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...unending succession of increased costs ... cost of living adjustment ... Application ... the Fair Rents Board ... increasing the income ... [unsuccessful] there is only one other source of revenue of any appreciable magnitude, it was also unfortunately obvious to your Committee that it would be necessary to increase the rates of subscription to the Institution. After very careful consideration, and only because it was unavoidable, did your Committee with great reluctance consent to increase the burden upon the individual Members.

Subscription rate for one book is recorded in the 1950 annual report as 1 pound 5 shillings, being an increase of four shillings [40 pence] over 74 years.